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Rev. Maxine Ashley - Associate Minister  of Christian EducationWelcome to the Christian Education pages of the American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin Website!

This online resource will serve as a forum to share ideas, get information and the like.

Please share the Web address for this site with Christian Education workers in your church. I would also invite you to offer suggestions of things which would make the site useful to you.

Index of Past Articles

October 2009 Ministry with Seniors
May 2009 Children:  Part of the Worshipping Community
October 2009 Retelling the Old, Old Story
March 2008 Choosing and Developing Curriculum
November 2007 Discipleship Partners
August 2007 Beginning Again
April 2007 A Slice of Life
January 2007 Do We Still Need Christian Education?
November 2006 Integrating Children into the Worship Life of the Church
September 2006 Back to School
August 2006 Integrating New People into the Church: Can Christian Education Help?
April 2006 Some Suggestions for Summer Reading
March 2006 Time to Plan for Summer Activities
January 2006 The Young and the Not-So-Young: We Need Each Other
November 2005 Exploring Spiritual Theology
October 2005 Fall Discipleship/Christian Education
September 2005 Equipped to Teach


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